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My landlord does not give me back the bail: how and when to complain

Journalist Maria and her two roommates did not come out as they thought. His guilt was to be naive . It was late 2006 when these three students recently landed in Madrid decided to share an apartment in the neighborhood of Chamberí. The housing bubble had not yet exploded and rental prices were in the dark: at that time, the monthly amount exceeded nine euros per square meter – far from the seven of last year – according to data prepared by Fotocasa . At the end of the academic year, and with the lease agreement, the girls left the apartment as they had been handed over. But when they returned the keys, the owner refused to refund the entire deposit. The reason? “The floor is very dirty”.

Was the owner entitled to withhold part of the bond? What is the use of that money? What does the law say? There are many doubts about this, as confirmed by the End of lease cleaning Melbourne : 22% of the questions that feed your forum revolves around this topic. “The first thing that comes to mind when a tenant is leaving the apartment is how to recover their bail,” they say.


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Although the majority of the Spaniards choose to own , the rent is timidly gaining popularity. By 2014, 14.9% of homes were under lease, according to the Bank of Spain ; A slight decrease compared to the previous year – when they captured 15.4% of the stock – but a great improvement compared to 2001, when only 9.6% of the real estate was rented. If you look at the data of the Community Statistical Office (Eurostat) – which considers all real estate, and not only those registered as a standard residence – the percentage is even higher: 21.2%.

Carlos Ruiz, manager of Arrenta (Association for the Promotion of Rental and Access to Housing) , assures that landlords usually reinstate the bond “once the condition of the property has been checked and as long as there are no outstanding amounts” to be paid. But “some owners are shielded, not to return it entirely, in which there is some flaw.” What to do in these cases?

What is the bond for?

The deposit  is an amount of money that the tenant must deliver to the owner, obligatorily, as a guarantee in case of breach of contract. S u amount, according to the law, is a monthly rent – two if the use of the property is different from the one of housing -, but it is not surprising if the landlord asks for additional guarantees, such as  deposits or bank guarantees. The legislation contemplates this possibility and leaves it at the discretion of the parties.

What is not discretionary is the “destination” of the bond: when the landlord receives it, you can not put it in your pocket and do with it whatever you want. Although it is no longer mandatory to register the lease – since 2013, with the reform of the Law on Urban Leases (LAU) -, the deposit must be deposited in the Autonomous Community body authorized for this purpose – for example, the IVIMA in Madrid-. “If not done, the first default is the owner,” says David Caraballo, commercial director of Rental Insurance .

In what cases can the landlord keep the deposit?

The law provides that the landlord can stay with the bond when the tenant fails to comply with the obligations that derive from the lease. But what does it mean? Caraballo sums it up in three big blocks: if it causes damage to the house, goes ahead of time without the notices or deadlines stipulated in the contract or is not up to date with the payment of rent or supplies, the landlord can use the Bond – or part of it – to fix the floor and cover the expenses that the tenant has left pending. But there are always nuances, especially when it comes to subjective issues. For example,  what criteria should be used to decide whether a floor is clean or not?

In the case of damages, it is necessary to distinguish between misuse and wear

The general rule is that the tenant must return the floor as it was given, which is sometimes difficult to prove. Especially in the case of defects – both in the fixed elements (tiles, walls, windows) and in the contents (appliances, furniture) – Caraballo recalls that “it is fundamental to distinguish between misuse and wear.” “A classic example is painting: it is normal that, after four or five years, a floor does not look the same.” In this case, he explains, it is the owner who must fix it.

The tenant, for its part, is responsible for damages caused by negligence or misuse of the home. “It could be the damage on a wall by trying to place a shelf”, exemplify from If you do not repair it, the owner can use the bail money to fix it. “But we always have to demand the official invoices that justify in what and for what the money has been used. And from there decide whether the landlord is right or not, “they alert from the real estate portal.

Also with regard to the early termination of the contract you must go with feet of lead. With the LAU reform , the tenant can leave after six months without being penalized, whenever he notifies at least 30 days in advance. But look at the fine print: the landlord can demand compensation if the contract so provides. The amount of the compensation is fixed by law, and corresponds to one monthly payment for each remaining year. This means that, if the period is less than 12 months, the landlord can only keep the proportional part of the bond. To make an example: if the contract is one year and the bond is 600 euros, the tenant who goes to eight months would be deducted only 200 euros.

If you have fulfilled and do not return the money, you complain

If the landlord uses fictitious excuses to not return bail and refuses to sit down to talk about the issue, do not abandon it. In these cases it is advisable to warn you, through a reliable means – like a burofax – that if you do not return the money in a certain time – for example, a week – legal actions will be initiated. Although the  law does not set a deadline for the landlord to return the money , it does establish  that, starting 30 days after the end of the contract, the legal interest will accrue, which may be required in case of a later claim.

Taking a photographic inventory with a digitized date represents an additional guarantee

If the owner still does not want to reach an agreement, there is always the legal way. Do not be afraid of the courts: if the amount is less than 2,000 euros – most bail bonds do not exceed this amount – no lawyer or solicitor is needed. You simply have to go to the courts of first instance with te lease and all documentation that proves that there is a pending debt and file a claim for claim amount.

Most experts advise choosing the “monitoring process”, a simplified procedure that grants an enforceable title if there is no opposition. “It’s like a judicial burofax, ” summarizes Ruiz de Arrenta. “It is a requirement that the court sends directly to the defendant to pay the amount that is being claimed or oppose” within a maximum period of 10 days. If it does not – and does not return the money – execution starts automatically. “The only thing to see is if you have enough money to pay,” concludes Caraballo.

The backstage of the super sexy photos of journalist Rosina

The journalist who shines in “Football Allowed” was summoned to be the image of an important lingerie house. The images are shocking. Look at the photos.

Journalist rescues huaico dog live and live

The young reporter did not hesitate and saved the can when he was giving his office live. Social  networks are always grateful for his noble gesture.

People are not the only people who are suffering from the scourge of nature. There is a smaller but equally important group, they can not speak but feel the same as a human being.

We talk about the pets that are touching on social networks. On this occasion, a young Peruvian journalist did not hesitate to offer his help to a small small black and white dog that was afraid of after the overflow of the river.

His name is Ricardo Reyna and he is a journalist for Latina. Heroes have no cloak and this is a great sample of them. The journalist was not indifferent and helped to cross a dog to the other shore. The event took place in the area of Cajamarquilla, Chosica .

Ricardo Reyna realized that the dog was fearful and approached very carefully to load it and take it to the other side. The can realized the enormous favor that the journalist did and I do not hesitate to thank him by moving his tail.

The tremendous geste of the journalist was not forgotten and the social networks thanked him for his gesture with the animal. The clip is already part of the viral videos most seen on Facebook .

How to work your fishing reel as a professional

Our current lifestyle requires us to take a fast pace, everything we want to do fast and immediate. And sometimes our stress level is so high that even our hobbies are affected, because those activities that should relax, end up becoming ephemeral and instantaneous activities. For this reason, fishing has become the favorite activity of many people who want to find a way out of the daily pressure of today’s society.

It is not just waiting to sit for hours for a fish to chop our hook, in fact, many fishermen are very active people, who require strength to get the fish out of the water and expertise to find the right place where most of the fishes. At times, to find the ideal site they are forced to jump from rock to rock, to use boats or kayaks, and even to submerge in the water.

Having an appropriate team is of paramount importance. Often referred to as fishing rod, thread and lure; But little has been said about the fishing reels , which are very important to recover the thread when the fish is trapped, and return it to the reel avoiding that the thread can become entangled. The reel is basically a mechanical instrument with a brake system, which allows the rope to come out tight and controlled while the hook remains on the surface of the water.

Different styles …, different reels of Fishing


There are best casting reel of different sizes, styles, weights, materials and brands. The choice of a reel will depend on the style being handled, it is not the same to use a reel for a spinning reed, as for a fly reed.

If you are new and do not have much experience fishing, perhaps you should start with the hand reels, which are those whose release and recovery of the thread depends on the turns you give yourself to the crank. It is a well-known type of reel, and the most common in places where they rent fishing rods, is also widely used to practice sport fishing.

This type of reel is also used to practice the very traditional and well-known cork, which is practiced on some coasts on the seashore or in calm rivers and lakes. It is called that because at a certain height of the yarn (depends on the depth of the place) is tied a cork, which tells the fisherman the depth of the water, if the bait has lowered correctly and, especially, the moment in which The fish has been caught in the hook.

Where are the penns most used?

On the other hand, the penn reels belong to a very popular brand and known among amateur and professional fishermen. They are widely used for spinning, and can be used in rivers, lagoons and sea; Also for boats or fishing on the shores. They are normally made of stainless steel so they can be resistant to salt, falls, sun and other factors. They have the capacity to supply the power and speed of the fishermen, allowing long launches in depth.

This type of reel is also used to troll, a mode that consists of dragging a
11lure from a speedboat in motion, either by motor or rowing. It is practiced both in lakes and in the sea, but much more in boats of salt water and with good depth. The fish that usually catch with this modality are the goldfish, surubíes, fish lemons, anchovies, bonito, and even sharks.

Shimano reels are also very good for spinning, but also for boat and jigging. They are used in salt water the ones of greater capacity of lines, they are very durable and they count on a system of reinforced oscillation. They are perfect for catching large fish, thanks to its strength and power. They can weigh up to 44 pounds of trawling to catch fish at sea.

On the other hand, rockfishing is a very little known technique that is beginning to gain popularity. It is a kind of ultralight spinning, in order to catch small fish such as sea bass, jureles, obladas, dentees, serviolas, palometones and other species; In rocky areas such as rocky areas, breakwaters, cliffs or inland ports. For this mode you need reels of size 1000, or even 1500.
11And we must not forget the river fishing, that is done in rivers, estuaries, streams or any natural or artificial water course. Live or dead baits are often used, and sometimes artificial lures developed by man.

The reels that are used can be fly or coil. The fly reels are used to let the fishing line flow fluently so that the fisherman adequately prepares his shot. And the coil, on the other hand, stays fixed while we collect or release the thread, so they are very resistant and allow powerful launches

George Clooney is angry with journalist

This note appeared in EFE. It is a note made possible with all the bad milk, as they can do journalists and media sometimes.The announcement mentioned in the note and that angered George Clooney, appears below taken from youtube. 11

Actor George Clooney, present in Venice to promote his latest work, remained as the bad guy to not answer a question about his commitment to the firm Nestle actor George Clooney, present in Venice to promote his latest work, in the who plays a lawyer who fights against multinationals, it has become today as the bad guy to not answer a question about his commitment to the firm Nestle.

Clooney, one of the most anticipated attractions in Venice, arrived today at the Mostra, with his best smile, to present “Michael Clayton”, his latest film, directed by Tony Gilroy.

In the film, Clooney is a mediator in a law firm that is facing a food multinational, whose responsible citizens conceal that one of its flagship products was carcinogenic.

On that occasion a reporter asked Clooney at the press conference if he could explain the inconsistency between the interpretation of this role and the fact that he announces “` Nespresso`, owned by the company Nestle, one of the most boycotted the multinational world”.

Clooney, who kept the smile, began by denying his work for the firm Nestle, although it was corrected when the journalist insisted that “Nespresso” belongs to the Swiss company.

At that time, the director of “Good Night and Good Luck” replied, “I will not apologize to you for my living from time to time …” And, still smiling but hesitantly, he continued: “The truth is I know a lot of work that people in countries boycotting, you know, in Sudan … So I’m not, you know, to try to reconcile those two answers … I work … Well, actually, I do not have an answer for you on that kind of vexing question … “

The actor also had a very elaborate answer when asked who is really the character he plays in the film and said, “He is a man in crisis and that is always interesting character.”

For its part nespresso compatible tea capsules, the director of the film said that it is a film that deals with “personal decisions”, ie, what one can do at work to change what happens in the world.

Learning English: advice from an expert in language teaching

In an interview with journalist Uniandes Andrea Linares Gomez, Ellis said the success in learning this language is to do it through a ” task – based learning “, which is addressed to language as a “communication tool” and not a set of words and grammatical structures that the student must memorize and repeat.

Therefore, teachers must assign tasks that are closely related to the context, the level and interests of students . The main goal, according to Ellis, is to treat como aprender ingles com facilidade “in the same way that children treat their mother tongue” as a vital tool relationship with the environment. Describe elements, discuss your hobbies or favorite places and follow instructions to build an object are some of the tereas naming the professor, since involve listening, reading and speaking simultaneously and achieve learning derived from the embodiment of this.

However, Ellis admits that it is a slow and gradual process “if learning the mother tongue can take 4 to 5 years, how it will be possible to learn a second language in just a couple of months?”.The doctor of education states that if the language is taught not as a set of rules, but as a communication tool, it will become a natural process, where fewer children will be excluded for failing to understand the rules.

For outside the classroom , the teacher recommended that the learning process continues: ” I hear and read extensively , all the time, through music, TV shows, movies, conversations, reading books, newspapers and digital texts. ” If possible, students should be exposed to these resources for more than three hours a day, and seek frequent interaction with someone who speaks the language.


Not speak Spanish

For Ellis, who also teaches at the University of International Studies of Shanghai, he serves as aprofessor TESOL (Teaching Inglés to Students of Other Languages) of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Anaheim, and is a director and consultant seven magazines international on language teaching, one of the worst mistakes of language teachers is ” spend most of the time talking in Spanish , because students will not have the opportunity to hear the English or French”.

According to the expert, to ensure that students understand what it says in the foreign language is a skill that ” differentiates a good teacher from a bad one .”

As for what public policies should be implemented in Colombia, Ellis remarks that should encourage this natural education, making students feel safe to communicate in English, without so much emphasis on pronunciation or grammar its perfect.

9 excellent journalism films based on true stories

Journalists and media have also been the subject of films throughout film history.Great directors like Orson Welles in Citizen Kane made films also show the labor dynamics of journalism, also criticized some aspects.

Currently, the film has stopped producing contents that are based on great figures of journalism. Perhaps the main reason is the relationship we have today with the media or perhaps because journalists have no merit. Although the latter certainly is not.


This film directed by Cameron Crowe about  his experiences as a rock journalist, before taking a place in film. The story recounts his memories and adventures as acontributor to Rolling Stone, thanks to which he had the opportunity to meet bands and most important musicians of the time.

No. 8 Good Night, and Good Luck

This film portrays the conflict between the renowned journalist CBS, Edward R. Murrow , played by David Strathairn , and Senator Joseph McCarthy. Directed by George Clooney, who also acts starring in the role of Fred Friendly, it is a film that is part of the 50s, and highlights the actions by the senator to end communism.

No. 7 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Gonzo journalism also had his moment on the big screen of the hand of Johnny Depp . This is a film based on the autobiographical book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
written by journalist Hunter Thompson . While it is an exaggerated story about the real story, the film is based on an experience that really happened on the trip along with journalist Dr. Oscar Zeta (an activist Chicano movement). A film that will show plus all the drugs they consume, how this journalistic style works, in which the protagonists are not others but themselves. You can watch it here putlocker.

# 6 The Killing Fields

Released in 1984, also under the name The Killing , it is a film that tells the story of three journalists, Sydney Schanberg, Dith Pran and Al Rockoff, during the regime of the Khmer Rouge that ended the Vietnam War and output American, they took power in Cambodia . His work, The Death and Life of Dith Pran: A Story of Cambodia , was published in the New York Tmonth and served as a guide sheet for its director. A film that maybe today will not cause us any surprise but which also shows the work involved the correspondents to deal with such conflicts.

No. 5 Shattered Glass

Although the plot seems only a creation of Hollywood, the truth and amazing it is that the film is based on a true story . Stephen Glass was a journalist who had their heyday in the 90s in the magazine The New Republic , which won its success by creating fictional stories , making them go through real. An interesting example, but clearly it not recommended to go.

# 4 The Insider

Another major films about perodismo that are worth seeing. In this case, the plot is based on the real conflict that reached the tobacco company Brown & Williamson after adding coumarin, addictive substance to their cigarettes. From this situation it is that Lowell Bergman , journalist and producer of 60 Minutes (CBS), starring Al Pacino , is in charge of unmasking the problem thanks to the collaboration of Jeffrey Wigand , a former chemical industry starring Russell Crowe.

No. 3 Live from Baghdad

Also based on the story of three journalists, the film produced by HBO  in 2002, the experiences that had the producer of one of the most famous news, Robert Wiener, along with Ingrid Formanek at work to cover events of the War the Persian Gulf , in the city of Baghdad .

No. 2 Veronica Guerin

It is the story of an Irish journalist, starring actress Cate Blanchett , who was killed while investigating drug trafficking in the streets of the Irish capital. A real plot and that clearly tells the hard task of journalists to interested as complex as it is, in this case, the drug market issues. His death mobilized the population, leading to many drug traffickers left the capital and even took special measures by the government.

No. 1 Frost / Nixon

A film that should not miss if you have a special interest in journalism . The plot, as its name suggests, is based on the interview with the British journalist David Frostcorrals Nixon , former US president, making shocking statements about Watergate. A fact that led the journalist to fame and, as expected, increased the repudiation Nixon. More than to hang out, it’s a film that shows clearly how to prepare and interview carried in the media.

Journalist and photographer Kiko Alvarez de Toledo dies

Collaborating SUR recent years, it was well known in football-base malagueño

Kiko Alvarez de Toledo.

Kiko Alvarez de Toledo.

The Malaga journalism is in mourning. Yesterday morning died suddenly at age 57 Kiko Alvarez de Toledo, SOUTH collaborator in recent years and well-known person both in football-base locally, for his long career as a photographer worked for Premium Photo Booth, as among the former players of Malaga.

Melillense birth, Kiko Alvarez de Toledo had linked to the media malagueños in recent decades, initially as a photographer and then as an editor in the ‘Journal of the Costa del Sol’, ‘The sun of the Mediterranean’ and ‘Club Malaga’. Later he joined the Malaga Football Club as a photographer of the entity, which served to further strengthen ties with Espanyol players.

In recent years Kiko Alvarez de Toledo was a collaborator of SUR and was responsible for all the graphics football-related task-based supplement ‘Sport Base’, while performing chronic Atletico Malagueño or El Palo. The last time was last Sunday, to mark the Copa del Rey youth between Malaga and Villarreal, before the meeting where he chatted amiably with the two coaches, good friends, Sergio Pellicer and Javi Calleja. Photographer and journalist also was a person with a great relationship with leaders and presidents of football-base malagueño.

From noon Thursday may be visited in the cemetery, while for the afternoon is scheduled a Mass and subsequent burial, whose expenses will take over in full the Malaga, which has agreed to collaborate with his former employee.

Policy packaging

With the cooperation of the media and the final voter collusion, communication experts of the parties have become candidates in attractive packages to captivate the consumer

It is an abomination for a man to completely surrender to the hands of technicians, writers who prepare speeches experts and then submitted in an attractive package. ”

Says Richard Nixon. We are in 1968 and the Republican candidate for the US presidency faces a debate democrat Hubert Humphrey. it was a time of racial unrest across the country. they had killed Martin Luther King Jr. and the candidate Robert F. Kennedy. they were the most turbulent years . mass demonstrations against the war in Vietnam

That year, Nixon would win the election but not the body to media body the lesson of their failure was unequivocal. “the biggest mistake of my life was not learned to use television”. it was the first time the small screen was used as a weapon of political propaganda in an election campaign. John McGinnis collects it in his book the selling of the president, a work and reference in politics and journalism aggressive marketing methods that they have come to be used to sell a candidate as if it were a commercial product.

Another incisive journalist, American Janet Malcolm, recalls in his provocative journalist and the murderer to hold two controversial thoughts that reflect the complex interplay of interests underlying between media and power: “the journalist is a kind of confidence man who exploits the vanity, ignorance , or loneliness of people who trust them win, then you betraying themwithout remorse.” The other side of the bulletin board is no more encouraging: “All duped widow, all disappointed lover, every friend betrayed, every person on which is written, known to some degree what awaits you and yet everything remains clinging to that relationship driven by something that is stronger than reason. ” are politicians today, with attractive packages that dazzle voters? Much more than in the 60’s television is internet and social networks are. It is a life parallel 2.0 flirts between reality and fiction. Today, the four candidates for President of the Government are locked, surrounded by advisers and enlightened marketing experts, preparing television debate tonight. Rajoy, stoking voters with their campaign of fear and warning about the fragile recovery; Pedro Sanchez convince seeing that the ถุงฟอยด์ is the “real” delcambio guarantor, that of the true social democracy, not those upstarts that can fall every day in the ideological cross – dressing; Pablo Iglesias, concocting a serene Greek and Venezuelan their weaknesses counter; Albert Rivera, practicing yoga or pilates to control congenital nervousness in the debate disarmed 20-D.

Does the fault of the politician or journalist? Of the parties or the media? In the show information, sin is shared. Especially the vanity. Which it depends directly on the diaphragm focus. Overdose surveys these days spur the campaign does nothing but contribute to that feeling drunk before which alert Susana Diaz. We are drunk on polls, yes, but also pose policy and packaging. It is the most uncontrollable side effect of the campaign credibility. To what extent two weeks of electoral bulimia serve to activate the electorate or to expel him ; to ratify positionings and strongly consolidated or awakening of dystopia with a sharp, revealing and painful eye opening prejudices.

How do you sell a president? Tonight we will see one of the key lessons of 26-J. The debate between candidates will be decisive so convinced and, above all, so scare. Will weigh more than the successes errors. In the end, will work in the back room of parties which will be measured on TV. But let us be self-critical: are responsible for those who are left packing, are those preparing the package and so are we when we cut the tapes.

A journalist exchange diet and improves health

Just a few weeks I had an appointment with my doctor. While the assistant took my blood pressure the doctor asked me a series of questions.

Do you exercise? Yes. You getting enough sleep? Yes. Get a diet. I paused. If you want to call it so. This is called Paleo diet. He looked at me with a haggard. You know that’s what people ate before agriculture, before diabetes before Monsanto before sunscreens. This is not really a diet that’s just the food which we did.

I have not always thought so.

During my studies in high school I took 8 kilos and I thought that becoming a vegetarian was sexy. I had no idea what I was doing but I was not stopped. It was more a question of identity than anything else, which allowed me to eat a good steak BBQ with peppers summer. This was one of the best meals of my life.

Later that summer I joined a group for a hiking at Lake Tahoe. After hours searching my breath at high altitudes, we bathed in the lake. In the evening I ordered a huge burger that was to 500 grams. It was heaven.

Unfortunately I always followed my vegetarian diet which led me to one of my worst summer of my life. I constantly lived with anxiety and depression.Psychosis is not an exaggeration really. Worst I was always big. My diet was terrible. I remember eating cinnamon rolls, brownies, ice cream, frozen pizza all summer with some salads here and there.

The personal coach training only put forward that think the collective consciousness.

After the summer, I came back to myself and I accepted the fact that I like to eat meat. My mood and my weight have slightly improved.

When I was twenty I had my degree and I got married with my love of high school. Anxiety and depression always followed me. The medicines helped me, but without insurance I was forced to take a more comprehensive approach. Desperate I came across the book by Julia Ross ” The Mood Cure “.In this book she strongly encouraged to eat eggs, fish, meat and other sources of protein and fat.

It also highlights the fact that some foods are “bad for the mood.” It includes wheat, corn, sugar, soybeans and industrial oils. For the first time I started to look at these foods with suspicion even though at first I was not eliminated. However I noticed an improvement in my mental health by eating more protein and fat.

Emotionally I felt better but I still had my extra kilos from my high school years and I have decided to attack me by doing what everyone thinks proper ie reducing my calories and making aerobics. I lost all my weight but I lived with an insatiable hunger and moody. Ask my husband …

At the dawn of my 30 years I have refocused my career journalist to health and fitness. I started training to become a personal trainer. I was hoping to learn the secrets of weight loss and transmit them through my writings.However training only put forward that think the collective consciousness.Weight loss is about calories. It worked for me, a little, so I decided to follow this dogma.


Certification my pocket I started to take clients. I remember working with a woman who was desperate to lose weight. She was fifty and had 15 extra kilos. I did everything I could to help.She was training 3 times a week, doing the HIIT, raised cast iron and was active the rest of the week. She kept a food diary and stood on a diet to 1300 calories per day. I was sure she could do it.

After a month I took his measurements and there was no difference! I felt that I had failed. How is it possible that calorie restriction does not work? Yet it is science. Why its fat had never heard of the laws of thermodynamics!

During this time I began to write for the Livestrong website on health and fitness. I continued to preach the collective consciousness on counting calories and whole grains. I even tried the vegan diet and made a blog on the subject.

After several years of journalism for health journals I got a job as editor health and fitness in a start-up in California. It was my dream job.

While I was doing my boxes I found a book that a friend had advised me “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. I devoured it and it changed my vision. No wonder my clients did not lose weight by reducing calories and doing cardio!

L es nutritionists say that we should not eliminate a certain category of food. But the food categories are a human convention, not something natural  !

I had some editorial freedom in my new job. I started to explore the paleo diet and acheter phen375. I was skeptical. After all the cavemen did not die before they 30? In an effort to convince myself that it was only a fad diet I decided to send an email to Aaron Blaisdell, Founder of Ancestral Health Society for an interview.

The interview never changed my opinion and led me to a new path in the understanding of human biology. One thing he said, which struck me is me “nutritionists say that we should not eliminate a certain category of food. But the food categories are a human convention, not something natural

The idea of eliminating a food category is disconcerting for me but after I glimpsed Aaron Blaisdell everything began to make sense.

I started by eliminating grain altogether. Immediately my energy increased. I also felt more calm and mental stability. I started lifting heavy weights. I realized that build muscle is quite difficult, it does not happen by chance.

I also noticed an improvement in my skin. Before I was a slave of the foundation to hide my faults. However, after eliminating dairy products I got rid of the foundation. My skin was superb. Eliminate dairy products also improve my gastrointestinal health. Bloating were gone.


Initially I turned to the “paleo desserts” to fill my calorie deficit. My favorite was an energy bar made of dates, raisins, almonds, pecans and dark chocolate with almond butter and honey. Oh it was great good but unsurprisingly took some kilos.

I began to pay attention to my carb intake and I planned to make sure I ate enough meat, vegetables and healthy fats like avocados, olive oil or coconut. This has destroyed my temptations.

Women think that you can not lose post pregnancy weight but it is not!

Although I am not putting me at Paleo in a weight loss goal that has still improve my body composition. I had 2 children via caesarean section and took 15 kilos each pregnancy. I think all women think that weight is impossible to eliminate but it’s wrong!

This approach allowed me to live actively, to enjoy myself with food and feel good in my body. Having said this approach goes beyond weight loss. This is more nutrients, more muscles, more life. It’s great when you consider that all posts for women rehash us to eat less to weigh less.

Journalist heated autumn with your photos and videos in the gym

Julieta Camaño shared Instagram photos and videos of their rigorous exercise routine to keep her slender figure. The images show during its sessions gymnastics, where it gadgets and lifting dumbbells
Nature gave him the gift of beauty to Julieta Camaño (33), but his sculpted body is also a product of sacrifice.
The driver of a Kind, radio show that airs Monday through Friday from 10 to 13 hours FM It , shared photos and videos from your Instagram profile. And the praise of his followers soon arrived.The images show Camaño during your gym sessions, where it gadgets and lifting dumbbells on par with any man. The journalist couple with entrepreneur Fabian de Sousa, has the supervision of personal trainer at Personal trainer DC


10 online tools for communicators and journalists

A selection of useful creative management software for those dedicated to produce, edit and publish news content resources. Since RSS readers to other more specific, such as utilities for creating timelines.

Among the many tools that Internet offers (many of them free), this compilation attempts to show some of our favorite.

Finally, we recommend shop around the web journalism classes , where you can find several compilations to expand the range of options when choosing their tools.

1. Feedly. Manage tons of content via RSS

This feed reader allows us to clearly and centralized a lot of sources, whether blogs, news sites and even lists of Twitter. It
has tools to organize this information into categories and by tags, save to read later, and share on social networks with a single click. Feedly has become the successor to Google Reader for these purposes, and in the process has passed: offers among other things different types of views, the option of linking with Evernote publications, suggestions based on our interests, etc. http : //

2. Storify. Counting by all means

This unique tool allows combining storytelling contents of the different networks and social media: Facebook updates, photos (Flickr and Instagram also), audios (SoundCloud) and videos. These stories can be shared and easily inserted into websites. It is ideal to cover today quickly, using low – cost resources, and has to do with one of the new ways of telling that have generated the technology and social networks.Https:// -the-journalists-Storify

3. Evernote. All in one place. And when I say everything, means everything

We accumulate information to use and, tomorrow, maybe ever, or not. We add more and more favorite websites to your browser, to see “some time”. We take notes in a txt file, in a notebook, on a sheet we had on hand. Store images in folders in the cloud, on the record, here and there. I will not follow the list, but the truth is that this application allows us to store, sort and find everything in one place. You can organize all this information to your liking, with folders and labels, working with shared folders with your team.

Finally, powerful and easy to handle, it tends to become an indispensable aid. For example, to write this article. Https://

4. Google Media Tools. Find, collect and disseminate

In 2013 Google introduced this site, which brings together twenty tools developed by the company, with instructions for use and exploit these resources to the maximum. They are organized according to their function into 4 groups: visualization, publishing, interaction and development, and asserts Google, has theobjective to help in information gathering or dissemination, either through radio, television or newspapers and digital.

5. Issuu. The super newsstand online

It is an online platform that allows you to publish, share and display digitized material such as magazines, books, newspapers, catalogs, etc. The design is intended to resemble paper publications, and I usually buy what is Youtube for videos and Flickr for images.

Documents can be shared on social networks, as well as placing embedded as thumbnails on a website.The service is free, but offers paid options that allow you to customize and integrate it into your website.Http://

6. Journalism Tools. More and more tools

In this profile options journalist Ezra Eeman public resources for journalists, organized in boards by themes: tools narration, searches, Twitter, video, audio, photos, maps, timelines, creativity, publishing, web design, typography, teaching online and many more.

Entering each board you can see a summary of the tool, and clicking the image the website will open it.Http://

7. Dilmot. Simple online interviews and participatory

This platform allows publishing interviews and in a very simple way and with audience participation through questions.

It can be linked to Twitter, so that participation is conducted through these social networks, and offers the ability to customize and integrate it into your website using your own domain. Http://

8. Creatavist. multimedia stories

This tool designed to publish stories, books or digital magazines, offers the possibility to include text, images, video, audio, maps, and organize them by chapters. The result can be posted on the website and mobile app or in e-book format.

The service allows free publishing a story that can be exported in e-book format, and from there has payment plans. More economic (Standard) costs $ 10 per month and allows you to post an unlimited number of stories in your own domain. Https://

9. Piktochart. attractive and customizable infographics

While there are many sites to generate graphs of this type, this is the most satisfying has given us, and we use it for infographics of the first two issues of the magazine.

Piktochart can create infographics from scratch or adapt art to our needs.

The editing options include text types, colors, icons, graphics, videos, charts, maps and funds. Once the work is finished we can download it in .jpg or .png. Https://

10. Tiki-Toki. Time lines

This is another service we chose after trying several options. No need to install any extra software, is attractive from the visual, supports images and videos, and results can be shared online.

In the Premium version it is possible to integrate the timelines we create in our own site. Http://

NewsPope Francis blessed the guide dog of a blind journalist

This was the time when Alessandro Forlani, an Italian journalist blind, was able to personally greet the Pope Francisco. The blind man was in the company of Asia, her guide dog.

Forlani asked for a “special blessing” for his daughter and his wife and Pope Francis did not hesitate to also bless the dog .

The Pope thought about my dog and said,” and also for the dog pain reliever over the counter , “and stroked bent ” explained Forlani.

Pope blesses dog francisco

Pope dog francisco

“Pills to take,” the latest book by journalist Juanma Romero

The journalist Juanma Romero, presenter and director of “Emprende” program of Canal 24 Horas TVE , along with the director of the program, Luis Oliván , has published the book ” pills to take , ” the LID publisher. This book will help you lose the fear to start this new adventure and will guide the new expedition.

You want to start a business and do not know where to start? Do you have an idea and do not know if I could become a business? If you have decided to adventure to undertake, surely they assail you a lot of questions about the steps you have to give or the aspects you should consider.

In its pages includes more than 300 key tips from the experts of the successful “Emprende” program (twelve times awarded since 2014, including the Award Leaders for Business Excellence) that focuses on the venture at a time when the economic culture is changing so radically.

Pills to take” is indicated for both is thinking of setting up a company to which has already assembled and is now in the process of growth both in Spain and abroad, because internationalization is an essential part of the new emerging companies.

In the work it provides answers to questions that arise when you want to start a business and do not know where to start. Also key to see if a good idea can become a good business, because when one is thrown to the adventure assailed a lot of doubts about the steps you have to give or the things to consider. ‘ Milagro Pastillas to undertake’ aims to help lose fear and start this new adventure, serving as a guide to the new expedition.

Pills to undertake” has been published by LID Publishing in collaboration with RTVE . It is available both on paper and in digital format. / undertaken.

The changing dynamics of journalism in Mauritius

For almost a decade, social media has been a catalyst of change in the way we communicate, searched and consume information. The outcome of connecting online has expanded our sphere for free expression and dissemination of content. From a personal interaction perspective to reporting media contents and debates, social media has breached all geographical barriers ultimately through the availability of various online social networking platforms.

Innovation in technology and online networking is growing each day at a prompt rate thereby defining not only our way of communication but also our style of living and perceiving the world. Our society is undergoing through deep transformations at various social, political and cultural levels, and online news reporting does reflect this ever-changing socio-cultural alteration. With the ascension of huge social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and MySpace, social media has played as a facilitator to bridge the audience worldwide to the world news and occurrences, in the fastest way possible. Social media is a new form of public sphere that spreads a culture of exchange and connectedness. Citizens gather under one or different platforms to generate opinions and attitudes to revitalize and create a new product of democracy. Freedom offers by social media networks is undeniably the most powerful free expressive dimension of communication of the 21st century. Moreover, a social networking platform’s basic features of accessibility, proximity and interactivity enable information to circulate in more efficient and coherent ways.

In recent years, local traditional media organizations in mauritius villa rental have established themselves following the trends from an international perspective, using digital media concept towards a targeted audience. Le Défi Media group has introduced the Web TV, La Sentinelle LSL Radio and Web Multimedia and ION News, as an independent media organization for instance, has been able to create enough visibility among Mauritians to diverge towards a digital journalism communication. From serious economic and political matters to entertaining showbiz pop culture news, a relatively large number of the audiences in Mauritius access, consume and participate in news stories online.

While social media has significantly changed the way news is being reported from news organizations, the participation of the public in the news has never been so active. New media being a tool for interaction and exchange, people are free to create their own space and publish their thoughts, perspectives or report a happening without having to go through the print press or send the story to a journalist or write a letter to the news organization. Major political and social events the world have led to a massive use of social media by the public to report live instances.

Recent examples of the Arab Spring in Middle Eastern and African Countries, where protestors used extensively the internet and social media to communicate, voice out their opinions and plan their protests. In Egypt, for instance, social media was used to organize impromptu gatherings. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have largely contributed to events such as the Arab Spring, 9/11 attacks in New York, London terrorists attacks, Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Social media is like mouth on steroids. This sphere of interaction knows no boundaries and it is a clear signal that the element of “exclusivity”, is not only given to journalist or an established media organization, but the public or citizen journalists via social media can also give out important ‘exclusive’, news items. The audience has a say on the news as it can also be provided and disseminated through a Bottom-up model rather than Top-down model.

The media is a fundamental institution for a democracy as the press is considered as being the fourth estate. All the other powers have counter powers and the counter power of the press is the audience. Being interactive on the internet with social media as a platform sharing the news is a challenging evolution where journalists are kept on their toes by the audience and is called to task. However, many studies have been carried out around the world on when will the written press die. Specialized magazines with niche audiences will probably stay more in the market but the news press-print industry can die at any point in time.

The question is, what proportion of the audience still has the reflex of turning to written press, radio and television as the main source of information? The proportion of people consuming traditional media is also diminishing at the same time. It is inevitable for people in years to come to consume news online. And this will definitely have an impact on advertisement when they will obtain tangible proofs that the number of audience online is growing and they will shift as well and add interest to the online concept rather than traditional print advertising. What will happen then? Will the economic model of the press be even more weakened because of the massive shift from written to online press?

Therefore, just going with the flow and following the international trend will not enhance the Mauritian media. As the tipping point is now, the mechanism of journalism is in continuous re-invention and so must be the content while reclaiming journalism as a credible profession. The return to what is important and what matters to the audience while endorsing and embracing values such as respect, truth, civility and neutrality in the news and not falling into the trap of gossips, sex stories and voyeurism. The concept of digital journalism in Mauritius needs to find the right strategy, skills, and capacity building characteristics to redefine its position in the national and global media market while keeping up to level of global technological, economic and political evolution.



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