Sunday Ethical Education for Kids

“Learning from our past to build for our futures, we’ll guide young people from their infancy through their late teens through thoughtful exploration of the myriad ways people make sense of the world around them. “ –One of Ethical Society of Saint Louis’ principles.

Ethical Society of Saint Louis has a branch that caters to educating kids. These kids are called SEEKers. Saint Louis examines a wide variety of the world’s religious traditions, specifically Ethical Humanism.

SEEKers will be challenged to think carefully about ways to contribute to a more loving and ethical world community. They’ll exercise respect for themselves and others, while cultivating good qualities.


Ethical Society of Saint Louis also offers classes, programs, volunteering and activism. They also have a Sunday program which made Sundays very busy for Saint Louis. They welcome visitors to all their programs every Sundays. Here are some their Sunday activity:

  • Ethical Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation promotes physical and mental well-being and awakens the sense by living purposefully in the present moment which reduces stress.

  • Colloquy

This is a small group meditative experience with a format which includes contemplation and sharing of personal thoughts around a weekly theme.

  • Sunday School

Children from ages 2 – 18 are the usual attenders of the Sunday School. Sunday School teaches the children to respect inherent worth or every human being and to develop those values that will integrate them into the greater human family.

Ethical Society’s core values are taught to children that attends Sunday School. The 12 core values are:

  1. Ethics is my religion.
  2. Every person is important and unique.
  3. Every person deserves to be treated fairly and kindly.
  4. I can learn from everyone.
  5. I am part of this earth; I cherish it and all the life upon it.
  6. I learn from the world around me by using senses, mind, and feelings.
  7. I am a member of the world community, which depends on the cooperation of all people for peace and justice.
  8. I can learn from the past to build for the future.
  9. I am free to question.
  10. I am free to choose what I believe.
  11. I accept responsibility for my choices and actions.
  12. I strive to live my values.


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