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10 online tools for communicators and journalists

A selection of useful creative management software for those dedicated to produce, edit and publish news content resources. Since RSS readers to other more specific, such as utilities for creating timelines.

Among the many tools that Internet offers (many of them free), this compilation attempts to show some of our favorite.

Finally, we recommend shop around the web journalism classes , where you can find several compilations to expand the range of options when choosing their tools.

1. Feedly. Manage tons of content via RSS

This feed reader allows us to clearly and centralized a lot of sources, whether blogs, news sites and even lists of Twitter. It
has tools to organize this information into categories and by tags, save to read later, and share on social networks with a single click. Feedly has become the successor to Google Reader for these purposes, and in the process has passed: offers among other things different types of views, the option of linking with Evernote publications, suggestions based on our interests, etc. http : //

2. Storify. Counting by all means

This unique tool allows combining storytelling contents of the different networks and social media: Facebook updates, photos (Flickr and Instagram also), audios (SoundCloud) and videos. These stories can be shared and easily inserted into websites. It is ideal to cover today quickly, using low – cost resources, and has to do with one of the new ways of telling that have generated the technology and social networks.Https:// -the-journalists-Storify

3. Evernote. All in one place. And when I say everything, means everything

We accumulate information to use and, tomorrow, maybe ever, or not. We add more and more favorite websites to your browser, to see “some time”. We take notes in a txt file, in a notebook, on a sheet we had on hand. Store images in folders in the cloud, on the record, here and there. I will not follow the list, but the truth is that this application allows us to store, sort and find everything in one place. You can organize all this information to your liking, with folders and labels, working with shared folders with your team.

Finally, powerful and easy to handle, it tends to become an indispensable aid. For example, to write this article. Https://

4. Google Media Tools. Find, collect and disseminate

In 2013 Google introduced this site, which brings together twenty tools developed by the company, with instructions for use and exploit these resources to the maximum. They are organized according to their function into 4 groups: visualization, publishing, interaction and development, and asserts Google, has theobjective to help in information gathering or dissemination, either through radio, television or newspapers and digital.

5. Issuu. The super newsstand online

It is an online platform that allows you to publish, share and display digitized material such as magazines, books, newspapers, catalogs, etc. The design is intended to resemble paper publications, and I usually buy what is Youtube for videos and Flickr for images.

Documents can be shared on social networks, as well as placing embedded as thumbnails on a website.The service is free, but offers paid options that allow you to customize and integrate it into your website.Http://

6. Journalism Tools. More and more tools

In this profile options journalist Ezra Eeman public resources for journalists, organized in boards by themes: tools narration, searches, Twitter, video, audio, photos, maps, timelines, creativity, publishing, web design, typography, teaching online and many more.

Entering each board you can see a summary of the tool, and clicking the image the website will open it.Http://

7. Dilmot. Simple online interviews and participatory

This platform allows publishing interviews and in a very simple way and with audience participation through questions.

It can be linked to Twitter, so that participation is conducted through these social networks, and offers the ability to customize and integrate it into your website using your own domain. Http://

8. Creatavist. multimedia stories

This tool designed to publish stories, books or digital magazines, offers the possibility to include text, images, video, audio, maps, and organize them by chapters. The result can be posted on the website and mobile app or in e-book format.

The service allows free publishing a story that can be exported in e-book format, and from there has payment plans. More economic (Standard) costs $ 10 per month and allows you to post an unlimited number of stories in your own domain. Https://

9. Piktochart. attractive and customizable infographics

While there are many sites to generate graphs of this type, this is the most satisfying has given us, and we use it for infographics of the first two issues of the magazine.

Piktochart can create infographics from scratch or adapt art to our needs.

The editing options include text types, colors, icons, graphics, videos, charts, maps and funds. Once the work is finished we can download it in .jpg or .png. Https://

10. Tiki-Toki. Time lines

This is another service we chose after trying several options. No need to install any extra software, is attractive from the visual, supports images and videos, and results can be shared online.

In the Premium version it is possible to integrate the timelines we create in our own site. Http://

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