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9 excellent journalism films based on true stories

Journalists and media have also been the subject of films throughout film history.Great directors like Orson Welles in Citizen Kane made films also show the labor dynamics of journalism, also criticized some aspects.

Currently, the film has stopped producing contents that are based on great figures of journalism. Perhaps the main reason is the relationship we have today with the media or perhaps because journalists have no merit. Although the latter certainly is not.


This film directed by Cameron Crowe about  his experiences as a rock journalist, before taking a place in film. The story recounts his memories and adventures as acontributor to Rolling Stone, thanks to which he had the opportunity to meet bands and most important musicians of the time.

No. 8 Good Night, and Good Luck

This film portrays the conflict between the renowned journalist CBS, Edward R. Murrow , played by David Strathairn , and Senator Joseph McCarthy. Directed by George Clooney, who also acts starring in the role of Fred Friendly, it is a film that is part of the 50s, and highlights the actions by the senator to end communism.

No. 7 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Gonzo journalism also had his moment on the big screen of the hand of Johnny Depp . This is a film based on the autobiographical book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
written by journalist Hunter Thompson . While it is an exaggerated story about the real story, the film is based on an experience that really happened on the trip along with journalist Dr. Oscar Zeta (an activist Chicano movement). A film that will show plus all the drugs they consume, how this journalistic style works, in which the protagonists are not others but themselves. You can watch it here putlocker.

# 6 The Killing Fields

Released in 1984, also under the name The Killing , it is a film that tells the story of three journalists, Sydney Schanberg, Dith Pran and Al Rockoff, during the regime of the Khmer Rouge that ended the Vietnam War and output American, they took power in Cambodia . His work, The Death and Life of Dith Pran: A Story of Cambodia , was published in the New York Tmonth and served as a guide sheet for its director. A film that maybe today will not cause us any surprise but which also shows the work involved the correspondents to deal with such conflicts.

No. 5 Shattered Glass

Although the plot seems only a creation of Hollywood, the truth and amazing it is that the film is based on a true story . Stephen Glass was a journalist who had their heyday in the 90s in the magazine The New Republic , which won its success by creating fictional stories , making them go through real. An interesting example, but clearly it not recommended to go.

# 4 The Insider

Another major films about perodismo that are worth seeing. In this case, the plot is based on the real conflict that reached the tobacco company Brown & Williamson after adding coumarin, addictive substance to their cigarettes. From this situation it is that Lowell Bergman , journalist and producer of 60 Minutes (CBS), starring Al Pacino , is in charge of unmasking the problem thanks to the collaboration of Jeffrey Wigand , a former chemical industry starring Russell Crowe.

No. 3 Live from Baghdad

Also based on the story of three journalists, the film produced by HBO  in 2002, the experiences that had the producer of one of the most famous news, Robert Wiener, along with Ingrid Formanek at work to cover events of the War the Persian Gulf , in the city of Baghdad .

No. 2 Veronica Guerin

It is the story of an Irish journalist, starring actress Cate Blanchett , who was killed while investigating drug trafficking in the streets of the Irish capital. A real plot and that clearly tells the hard task of journalists to interested as complex as it is, in this case, the drug market issues. His death mobilized the population, leading to many drug traffickers left the capital and even took special measures by the government.

No. 1 Frost / Nixon

A film that should not miss if you have a special interest in journalism . The plot, as its name suggests, is based on the interview with the British journalist David Frostcorrals Nixon , former US president, making shocking statements about Watergate. A fact that led the journalist to fame and, as expected, increased the repudiation Nixon. More than to hang out, it’s a film that shows clearly how to prepare and interview carried in the media.

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