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A journalist exchange diet and improves health

Just a few weeks I had an appointment with my doctor. While the assistant took my blood pressure the doctor asked me a series of questions.

Do you exercise? Yes. You getting enough sleep? Yes. Get a diet. I paused. If you want to call it so. This is called Paleo diet. He looked at me with a haggard. You know that’s what people ate before agriculture, before diabetes before Monsanto before sunscreens. This is not really a diet that’s just the food which we did.

I have not always thought so.

During my studies in high school I took 8 kilos and I thought that becoming a vegetarian was sexy. I had no idea what I was doing but I was not stopped. It was more a question of identity than anything else, which allowed me to eat a good steak BBQ with peppers summer. This was one of the best meals of my life.

Later that summer I joined a group for a hiking at Lake Tahoe. After hours searching my breath at high altitudes, we bathed in the lake. In the evening I ordered a huge burger that was to 500 grams. It was heaven.

Unfortunately I always followed my vegetarian diet which led me to one of my worst summer of my life. I constantly lived with anxiety and depression.Psychosis is not an exaggeration really. Worst I was always big. My diet was terrible. I remember eating cinnamon rolls, brownies, ice cream, frozen pizza all summer with some salads here and there.

The personal coach training only put forward that think the collective consciousness.

After the summer, I came back to myself and I accepted the fact that I like to eat meat. My mood and my weight have slightly improved.

When I was twenty I had my degree and I got married with my love of high school. Anxiety and depression always followed me. The medicines helped me, but without insurance I was forced to take a more comprehensive approach. Desperate I came across the book by Julia Ross ” The Mood Cure “.In this book she strongly encouraged to eat eggs, fish, meat and other sources of protein and fat.

It also highlights the fact that some foods are “bad for the mood.” It includes wheat, corn, sugar, soybeans and industrial oils. For the first time I started to look at these foods with suspicion even though at first I was not eliminated. However I noticed an improvement in my mental health by eating more protein and fat.

Emotionally I felt better but I still had my extra kilos from my high school years and I have decided to attack me by doing what everyone thinks proper ie reducing my calories and making aerobics. I lost all my weight but I lived with an insatiable hunger and moody. Ask my husband …

At the dawn of my 30 years I have refocused my career journalist to health and fitness. I started training to become a personal trainer. I was hoping to learn the secrets of weight loss and transmit them through my writings.However training only put forward that think the collective consciousness.Weight loss is about calories. It worked for me, a little, so I decided to follow this dogma.


Certification my pocket I started to take clients. I remember working with a woman who was desperate to lose weight. She was fifty and had 15 extra kilos. I did everything I could to help.She was training 3 times a week, doing the HIIT, raised cast iron and was active the rest of the week. She kept a food diary and stood on a diet to 1300 calories per day. I was sure she could do it.

After a month I took his measurements and there was no difference! I felt that I had failed. How is it possible that calorie restriction does not work? Yet it is science. Why its fat had never heard of the laws of thermodynamics!

During this time I began to write for the Livestrong website on health and fitness. I continued to preach the collective consciousness on counting calories and whole grains. I even tried the vegan diet and made a blog on the subject.

After several years of journalism for health journals I got a job as editor health and fitness in a start-up in California. It was my dream job.

While I was doing my boxes I found a book that a friend had advised me “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. I devoured it and it changed my vision. No wonder my clients did not lose weight by reducing calories and doing cardio!

L es nutritionists say that we should not eliminate a certain category of food. But the food categories are a human convention, not something natural  !

I had some editorial freedom in my new job. I started to explore the paleo diet and acheter phen375. I was skeptical. After all the cavemen did not die before they 30? In an effort to convince myself that it was only a fad diet I decided to send an email to Aaron Blaisdell, Founder of Ancestral Health Society for an interview.

The interview never changed my opinion and led me to a new path in the understanding of human biology. One thing he said, which struck me is me “nutritionists say that we should not eliminate a certain category of food. But the food categories are a human convention, not something natural

The idea of eliminating a food category is disconcerting for me but after I glimpsed Aaron Blaisdell everything began to make sense.

I started by eliminating grain altogether. Immediately my energy increased. I also felt more calm and mental stability. I started lifting heavy weights. I realized that build muscle is quite difficult, it does not happen by chance.

I also noticed an improvement in my skin. Before I was a slave of the foundation to hide my faults. However, after eliminating dairy products I got rid of the foundation. My skin was superb. Eliminate dairy products also improve my gastrointestinal health. Bloating were gone.


Initially I turned to the “paleo desserts” to fill my calorie deficit. My favorite was an energy bar made of dates, raisins, almonds, pecans and dark chocolate with almond butter and honey. Oh it was great good but unsurprisingly took some kilos.

I began to pay attention to my carb intake and I planned to make sure I ate enough meat, vegetables and healthy fats like avocados, olive oil or coconut. This has destroyed my temptations.

Women think that you can not lose post pregnancy weight but it is not!

Although I am not putting me at Paleo in a weight loss goal that has still improve my body composition. I had 2 children via caesarean section and took 15 kilos each pregnancy. I think all women think that weight is impossible to eliminate but it’s wrong!

This approach allowed me to live actively, to enjoy myself with food and feel good in my body. Having said this approach goes beyond weight loss. This is more nutrients, more muscles, more life. It’s great when you consider that all posts for women rehash us to eat less to weigh less.

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