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How to work your fishing reel as a professional

Our current lifestyle requires us to take a fast pace, everything we want to do fast and immediate. And sometimes our stress level is so high that even our hobbies are affected, because those activities that should relax, end up becoming ephemeral and instantaneous activities. For this reason, fishing has become the favorite activity of many people who want to find a way out of the daily pressure of today’s society.

It is not just waiting to sit for hours for a fish to chop our hook, in fact, many fishermen are very active people, who require strength to get the fish out of the water and expertise to find the right place where most of the fishes. At times, to find the ideal site they are forced to jump from rock to rock, to use boats or kayaks, and even to submerge in the water.

Having an appropriate team is of paramount importance. Often referred to as fishing rod, thread and lure; But little has been said about the fishing reels , which are very important to recover the thread when the fish is trapped, and return it to the reel avoiding that the thread can become entangled. The reel is basically a mechanical instrument with a brake system, which allows the rope to come out tight and controlled while the hook remains on the surface of the water.

Different styles …, different reels of Fishing


There are best casting reel of different sizes, styles, weights, materials and brands. The choice of a reel will depend on the style being handled, it is not the same to use a reel for a spinning reed, as for a fly reed.

If you are new and do not have much experience fishing, perhaps you should start with the hand reels, which are those whose release and recovery of the thread depends on the turns you give yourself to the crank. It is a well-known type of reel, and the most common in places where they rent fishing rods, is also widely used to practice sport fishing.

This type of reel is also used to practice the very traditional and well-known cork, which is practiced on some coasts on the seashore or in calm rivers and lakes. It is called that because at a certain height of the yarn (depends on the depth of the place) is tied a cork, which tells the fisherman the depth of the water, if the bait has lowered correctly and, especially, the moment in which The fish has been caught in the hook.

Where are the penns most used?

On the other hand, the penn reels belong to a very popular brand and known among amateur and professional fishermen. They are widely used for spinning, and can be used in rivers, lagoons and sea; Also for boats or fishing on the shores. They are normally made of stainless steel so they can be resistant to salt, falls, sun and other factors. They have the capacity to supply the power and speed of the fishermen, allowing long launches in depth.

This type of reel is also used to troll, a mode that consists of dragging a
11lure from a speedboat in motion, either by motor or rowing. It is practiced both in lakes and in the sea, but much more in boats of salt water and with good depth. The fish that usually catch with this modality are the goldfish, surubĂ­es, fish lemons, anchovies, bonito, and even sharks.

Shimano reels are also very good for spinning, but also for boat and jigging. They are used in salt water the ones of greater capacity of lines, they are very durable and they count on a system of reinforced oscillation. They are perfect for catching large fish, thanks to its strength and power. They can weigh up to 44 pounds of trawling to catch fish at sea.

On the other hand, rockfishing is a very little known technique that is beginning to gain popularity. It is a kind of ultralight spinning, in order to catch small fish such as sea bass, jureles, obladas, dentees, serviolas, palometones and other species; In rocky areas such as rocky areas, breakwaters, cliffs or inland ports. For this mode you need reels of size 1000, or even 1500.
11And we must not forget the river fishing, that is done in rivers, estuaries, streams or any natural or artificial water course. Live or dead baits are often used, and sometimes artificial lures developed by man.

The reels that are used can be fly or coil. The fly reels are used to let the fishing line flow fluently so that the fisherman adequately prepares his shot. And the coil, on the other hand, stays fixed while we collect or release the thread, so they are very resistant and allow powerful launches

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