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Journalist rescues huaico dog live and live

The young reporter did not hesitate and saved the can when he was giving his office live. SocialĀ  networks are always grateful for his noble gesture.

People are not the only people who are suffering from the scourge of nature. There is a smaller but equally important group, they can not speak but feel the same as a human being.

We talk about the pets that are touching on social networks. On this occasion, a young Peruvian journalist did not hesitate to offer his help to a small small black and white dog that was afraid of after the overflow of the river.

His name is Ricardo Reyna and he is a journalist for Latina. Heroes have no cloak and this is a great sample of them. The journalist was not indifferent and helped to cross a dog to the other shore. The event took place in the area of Cajamarquilla, Chosica .

Ricardo Reyna realized that the dog was fearful and approached very carefully to load it and take it to the other side. The can realized the enormous favor that the journalist did and I do not hesitate to thank him by moving his tail.

The tremendous geste of the journalist was not forgotten and the social networks thanked him for his gesture with the animal. The clip is already part of the viral videos most seen on Facebook .

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