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Learning English: advice from an expert in language teaching

In an interview with journalist Uniandes Andrea Linares Gomez, Ellis said the success in learning this language is to do it through a ” task – based learning “, which is addressed to language as a “communication tool” and not a set of words and grammatical structures that the student must memorize and repeat.

Therefore, teachers must assign tasks that are closely related to the context, the level and interests of students . The main goal, according to Ellis, is to treat como aprender ingles com facilidade “in the same way that children treat their mother tongue” as a vital tool relationship with the environment. Describe elements, discuss your hobbies or favorite places and follow instructions to build an object are some of the tereas naming the professor, since involve listening, reading and speaking simultaneously and achieve learning derived from the embodiment of this.

However, Ellis admits that it is a slow and gradual process “if learning the mother tongue can take 4 to 5 years, how it will be possible to learn a second language in just a couple of months?”.The doctor of education states that if the language is taught not as a set of rules, but as a communication tool, it will become a natural process, where fewer children will be excluded for failing to understand the rules.

For outside the classroom , the teacher recommended that the learning process continues: ” I hear and read extensively , all the time, through music, TV shows, movies, conversations, reading books, newspapers and digital texts. ” If possible, students should be exposed to these resources for more than three hours a day, and seek frequent interaction with someone who speaks the language.


Not speak Spanish

For Ellis, who also teaches at the University of International Studies of Shanghai, he serves as aprofessor TESOL (Teaching Inglés to Students of Other Languages) of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Anaheim, and is a director and consultant seven magazines international on language teaching, one of the worst mistakes of language teachers is ” spend most of the time talking in Spanish , because students will not have the opportunity to hear the English or French”.

According to the expert, to ensure that students understand what it says in the foreign language is a skill that ” differentiates a good teacher from a bad one .”

As for what public policies should be implemented in Colombia, Ellis remarks that should encourage this natural education, making students feel safe to communicate in English, without so much emphasis on pronunciation or grammar its perfect.

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