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“Pills to take,” the latest book by journalist Juanma Romero

The journalist Juanma Romero, presenter and director of “Emprende” program of Canal 24 Horas TVE , along with the director of the program, Luis Oliván , has published the book ” pills to take , ” the LID publisher. This book will help you lose the fear to start this new adventure and will guide the new expedition.

You want to start a business and do not know where to start? Do you have an idea and do not know if I could become a business? If you have decided to adventure to undertake, surely they assail you a lot of questions about the steps you have to give or the aspects you should consider.

In its pages includes more than 300 key tips from the experts of the successful “Emprende” program (twelve times awarded since 2014, including the Award Leaders for Business Excellence) that focuses on the venture at a time when the economic culture is changing so radically.

Pills to take” is indicated for both is thinking of setting up a company to which has already assembled and is now in the process of growth both in Spain and abroad, because internationalization is an essential part of the new emerging companies.

In the work it provides answers to questions that arise when you want to start a business and do not know where to start. Also key to see if a good idea can become a good business, because when one is thrown to the adventure assailed a lot of doubts about the steps you have to give or the things to consider. ‘ Milagro Pastillas to undertake’ aims to help lose fear and start this new adventure, serving as a guide to the new expedition.

Pills to undertake” has been published by LID Publishing in collaboration with RTVE . It is available both on paper and in digital format. / undertaken.

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