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Policy packaging

With the cooperation of the media and the final voter collusion, communication experts of the parties have become candidates in attractive packages to captivate the consumer

It is an abomination for a man to completely surrender to the hands of technicians, writers who prepare speeches experts and then submitted in an attractive package. ”

Says Richard Nixon. We are in 1968 and the Republican candidate for the US presidency faces a debate democrat Hubert Humphrey. it was a time of racial unrest across the country. they had killed Martin Luther King Jr. and the candidate Robert F. Kennedy. they were the most turbulent years . mass demonstrations against the war in Vietnam

That year, Nixon would win the election but not the body to media body the lesson of their failure was unequivocal. “the biggest mistake of my life was not learned to use television”. it was the first time the small screen was used as a weapon of political propaganda in an election campaign. John McGinnis collects it in his book the selling of the president, a work and reference in politics and journalism aggressive marketing methods that they have come to be used to sell a candidate as if it were a commercial product.

Another incisive journalist, American Janet Malcolm, recalls in his provocative journalist and the murderer to hold two controversial thoughts that reflect the complex interplay of interests underlying between media and power: “the journalist is a kind of confidence man who exploits the vanity, ignorance , or loneliness of people who trust them win, then you betraying themwithout remorse.” The other side of the bulletin board is no more encouraging: “All duped widow, all disappointed lover, every friend betrayed, every person on which is written, known to some degree what awaits you and yet everything remains clinging to that relationship driven by something that is stronger than reason. ” are politicians today, with attractive packages that dazzle voters? Much more than in the 60’s television is internet and social networks are. It is a life parallel 2.0 flirts between reality and fiction. Today, the four candidates for President of the Government are locked, surrounded by advisers and enlightened marketing experts, preparing television debate tonight. Rajoy, stoking voters with their campaign of fear and warning about the fragile recovery; Pedro Sanchez convince seeing that the ถุงฟอยด์ is the “real” delcambio guarantor, that of the true social democracy, not those upstarts that can fall every day in the ideological cross – dressing; Pablo Iglesias, concocting a serene Greek and Venezuelan their weaknesses counter; Albert Rivera, practicing yoga or pilates to control congenital nervousness in the debate disarmed 20-D.

Does the fault of the politician or journalist? Of the parties or the media? In the show information, sin is shared. Especially the vanity. Which it depends directly on the diaphragm focus. Overdose surveys these days spur the campaign does nothing but contribute to that feeling drunk before which alert Susana Diaz. We are drunk on polls, yes, but also pose policy and packaging. It is the most uncontrollable side effect of the campaign credibility. To what extent two weeks of electoral bulimia serve to activate the electorate or to expel him ; to ratify positionings and strongly consolidated or awakening of dystopia with a sharp, revealing and painful eye opening prejudices.

How do you sell a president? Tonight we will see one of the key lessons of 26-J. The debate between candidates will be decisive so convinced and, above all, so scare. Will weigh more than the successes errors. In the end, will work in the back room of parties which will be measured on TV. But let us be self-critical: are responsible for those who are left packing, are those preparing the package and so are we when we cut the tapes.

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